3 Study Tips for Students | Best Study Tips for Students

Study Tips For Students: Nowadays, most students have the same thing in their minds as to how to study. (How To Study) If you are a Student and want to know some Study Tips, be happy because this Article is written for you.

Nowadays, Competition in studies has increased considerably. Whether it is giving CBSE a Exam or a State Board, whether it is giving Exam of Civil Services or giving any other big competition, it is becoming very important to know and adopt Best Study Tips because of the increasing Competition everywhere.

The problem is greatly aggravated when, on the one hand, it is becoming very important to get good marks, and on the other hand, the student’s mind is not in studies and he does not even know how to study. In such a situation, if the right Study Motivation is not found and some good study tips (Students Study Tips) are not found, the student is almost certain to fail.

But you don’t have to worry at all because in this article you will find all the Study Tips that will increase your desire to study(Desire to study) as well as study for a long time.

3 Study Tips for Students

let me tell you now, friends, what are the tips to get very good marks? and what are the best tips to study?

Best Study Tips For Students 

Here I’ll tell you how to study(Ways to study For Students) that you can Beat any Exam by adopting them.

Please read these “Best Study Tips For Students ” carefully and make them part of your Daily Study Routine from today itself:

 1. Use Pomodoro Technique for Study

If your mind is not interested in studies or you are not able to Study for a long time or you get tired while studying, this Pomodoro Technique will help you a lot. Pomodoro Technique is a time management technique in which working time is divided into small intervals.

In this technique, time is broken in intervals of 25-25 minutes and 5 minutes rest (Break) is taken after each 25 minutes.

Let me now explain to you Pomodoro Technique by an example.

Suppose you have a goal (Target) or you want to study and you want to complete that goal or study without getting tired and successfully, break your time in a span of 25-25 minutes.

  • First study for 25 minutes and then take a break of 5 minutes. after 5 minutes, study again for 25 minutes and then rest for 5 minutes.
  • 25 minutes time is called a pomodoro. this way you complete 4 pomodoro.
  • 4 after completing pomodoro, take a long break (15 to 30 minutes). start pomodoro again after this long break.

You can walk, eat something during the break. There are also many Mobile apps related to this technology that you can download with Google Store.

Here you have to be careful not to disturb you while using this technique. so you sit in a quiet place to read your mobile silently.

Let us know what are the benefits of pomodoro technology:

A- For 25 minutes, the mind of any human being can be Concentrate easily, so your mind does not wander around.

B- You have to read only 25 minutes and get a break in between so adopting this technique keeps your mind fresh.

C- This technique makes you feel like studying because your mind is sent a message that you have to read only for 25 minutes and you are ready to read.

D- Adopting this technique increases your efficiency (Study Efficiency) and does not keep you in a habit of avoiding your study(Habit of postponing study).

2. Become a teacher instead of a student while studying

Use Teaching Technique for Study:- This is a very good way to study. It is also called Teaching Technique. At the same time, you will be able to remember the long-Learn Topics in this manner.

Perhaps you are thinking that you do not study as a student and you are asking you to study as a teacher. so the truth is that this method will help you a lot in getting very good marks.

In this way, you become a teacher and explain to a friend what you have read using pomodoro technology.

If you don’t find friends, explain your Learn Topic to anyone. If no one is found, you sit in front of a glass and teach your Mirror Image as a person.

in any case, you just have to become a teacher and teach your missed topic.

Let’s know that What are the benefits of Teaching Technique —

A- The biggest thing about this technique is that you know whether you have remembered your missed topic correctly or not.

B- Using this technique you can do your Revision very well.

C- While using this technique, you must be speaking and teaching so that the topic taught will sit in your mind and be remembered for a long time.

D- When you are teaching, you also explain the smallest thing related to the topic to the other one, which makes the topic more clear and if there is any deficiency, it is detected.

3. Prepare your own notes for the study

Use Short Self Study Notes Technique:- Whether it is clearing a small exam or a big exam, this Self Notes Technique will help you a lot. It takes a long time to use this technology but it can help you a lot in Exam Time.

In this technique you have to create Short Self Notes on all the Topics that are in your Syllabus. In this, you must first do a full study of any topic and then prepare notes in short on it.

If your mind gets bored in between studies, you should read our Motivational Speech.

You have to make this Study Notes according to yourself. The way they are made should be that when you want to revision any topic after some time, it will be done in a very short time.

Make notes in such a way that you understand the Full Explanation of that topic by reading your short.

This method is very popular. All the students preparing for a big competition definitely make Short Self Study Notes for themselves.

Let’s know that What are the benefits of Self Notes Technique—

A- Using this Technique you can write all the topics of your entire Syllabus in short i.e. in one place in less words.

B- With the help of this technique, you can understand the full topic by reading those short-worded notes when you come to Exam Time.

C- Preparing Short Study Notes can Revision more topics and save your time in less time in exam time.

D- Preparing Study Notes does not leave you Revision anything related to any topic and any topic in the Exam Time and keeps your Confidence.


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