Medical Requirements – Army and Police | Medical Test Details

To go to any defense service, a candidate has to go through a medical test, only after successful in this the candidate is selected , the level of army medical checkup is difficult, in which you have to face many tests to be successful.

It seems, the police medical checkup is a bit simpler than the army, under the army, you are sent to protect the borders of the country, you will get detailed information on this page about how the medical test is done in the army and police recruitment are telling.

What is Medical Test

To check the physical ability required for any job is called medical test, under this every part of the body is checked, it is also necessary because the post for which you are selected , it is very responsible. Is the post of, if an unqualified person is selected on that post.

Then the dignity of the country is harmed with that institution, various types of tests come under the medical test, all the tests are done according to their standard. is completed, the person is selected on the basis of the same investigation report.

Army Medical Test

All the Measurement required for Army Medical Test are listed Below as:

1. The chest of the candidate should be completely correct, he can easily inflate his chest up to 5 cm.

2. The candidate should be mentally healthy, so that he can easily take the decision of right and wrong.

3. To be admitted to the force, both the ears of the candidate should be correct, and he should also be able to hear properly.

4. To be recruited in the force, the candidate must have 6 /6 eyesight, the eyesight varies according to the post, 6 / 9 is also valid for any post, any type of color in the eyes of the candidate Vision should not be there, for infantry soldier general duty 6/6 eye sight is mandatory.

5. Candidate should not have Knock Knee, Bao Leg, Flat Foot.

6. To join the army, the teeth of the candidate should be naturally healthy and in sufficient number, it is mandatory for the candidate to have at least 14 teeth.

7. Bones should be strong, there should not be any deformity in them.

8. The testicles of the candidate should not be enlarged.

9. The candidate to be recruited in the army should not have a disease like piles.

10. To join the army, the candidate should not have any type of tattoo or tattoo in the body, it is valid only on the inner part of the arm (from the lower part of the elbow to the wrist) and the back part of the palm, its Apart from this, it is not valid at all in any other part, if tattoo is found in any other part, then that candidate will not be selected even after passing all the examination.

11. Scheduled Tribe candidates whose face or body has a picture made according to the existing customs, they are given an opportunity to appear in the army’s selection process only after getting a special check.

Police Medical Test

1. Under checking the feet, the knees of your feet should not touch each other, there should be a gap between both the knees.

2. The feet of the candidate should not be flat, there should be no helix in the toes, there should be no abnormality in the bones.

3. The feet of the candidate should not be arched, the joints should always be normal.

4. The chest of the candidate should not be deep inside, should have bulging and healthy muscles.

5. Candidate must be mentally and physically fit.

6. Candidate should be in good mental and physical health.

7. Candidate should have good listening ability.

8. The candidate should not have color blindness in the eyes, the eyes should be able to identify red and green color correctly.

9. The candidate should not have far vision and near vision in the eyes, that is, without glasses, the vision should be 6/6.

10. There should be no glare in the light of the eyes, due to which it is difficult for the candidate to see.

11. If found ineligible in the medical test, the candidate’s selection is canceled.

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