How to Become a Pilot – Course, Fees, Eligibility & Salary 

Becoming a pilot is the dream of most of the youth, which requires a lot of hard work with dedication, pilot is the person by whom the aircraft is operated, there are other assistant pilots along with the chief pilot in the aircraft. Those who help in operating the aircraft, this work is very responsible, so the pilot should be in perfect health mentally and physically, if you are interested in this field, and you also want to become a pilot, then We are telling you about this in detail on this page.


Educational Qualification to be a Pilot

To become a pilot, you can join this process after passing 12th with Maths, Physics, Chemistry subjects.

Personal merit

  • Candidate should have very good eyesight in this area and your motor skills coordination should be very good
  • For a successful pilot he must be in perfect mental and physical health
  • You must have enthusiasm for flying

License required to become a pilot

This license is as follows-

Student pilot

To be eligible for the student pilot certificate, you must be at least 16 years old and have a good knowledge of reading, speaking, writing and understanding English as required by Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 61.83.

Private pilot

To become a private pilot, applicants must be at least 17 years old and have a sound knowledge of reading, speaking, writing and understanding English per FAR Part 61.103. In addition, you must meet the required ground and flight training requirements as required by federal aviation regulations.

Commercial pilot and flight instructor

Commercial Pilots and Flight Instructors Applicants must be at least 18 years old, and candidates must have a sound knowledge of reading, speaking, writing and understanding English.

Airline transport pilot

Most ATP applicants must be 23 years old, but some pilots can obtain a restricted ATP certificate at age 21.

Flight training 

  • Each pilot certificate or rating typically includes a combination of both ground school and flight training, preparing students for the FAA written exam and the FAA practical exam.
  • While ground school curriculum is accomplished by a variety of methods, ground school training in large flight schools is often conducted in a classroom setting, sometimes ground school through a computer-based curriculum or online learning program as a flight instructor. is held with
  • A reputable flight training school provides students with all the necessary materials to prepare for the FAA written exam, including the necessary instructor “sign-off” for the written test, the training includes at the small flight school, Fixed based operator (FBO), training with a large flight school such as PEA
  • There are many benefits of conducting flight training in an accredited school like PEA, in which you get the benefit of frequent flights with good instructors and planes

Pay scale

The chief pilot gets Rs 4,00,000 to 5,00,000 per month and the co-pilots can easily get a salary ranging from Rs 2,25,000 to Rs 3,25,000 per month .

Main training institute

  • Asiatic International Aviation Academy, Indore
  • Blue Diamond Aviation, Pune
  • Acumen School of Pilot Training, Delhi
  • International School of Aviation, ISA, New Delhi
  • Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai

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