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There is a strange fear in almost all the students about the board exams , because it is the door of every student’s golden dreams. Their future depends on the results of these examinations, so every student wants them to get good marks in the examinations. However, for this, he makes every effort, and with diligence day and night, he uses all the available resources like continuous study, guess paper, model paper etc.

According to the Indian system of education, board examinations are conducted every year to assess the merit of the students. The result of the board exam will depend on how you have prepared for it. When the exam result comes, some students become toppers in the board exams. Often this kind of question arises in the mind of every student. Students keep asking this question, how did that topper study, so that he topped the board exam. If you also want to become a topper in the board examination, then on this page we are telling you about it in detail.


How to become a Topper in Board Exam Topper In Board Exam )

It is not that the student who tops the board exam is sharp and intelligent from the beginning, but their method of studying is different than other students. He prepares for the examination in a systematic manner, and adopts some tips, by following these tips, you too can become a topper in the board examination. These tips are as follows-

1. Make a time table for studying (Time Tbale)

If you have set your goal, that I want to become a topper, then first of all set your time table and routine. Many students do not study for the whole year, and when the exams are near, they start studying. This is absolutely a bad habit, because no student becomes a topper by studying shortcuts, in this shortcut method you can definitely pass in the exam, but you can never become a topper, so make a time table to become a topper. Make a routine of how much to read, when to play, when to sleep in the morning and at night. Morning time must be taken out to study, because morning time is the best time to study.

2. Attend   Daily Classes

To become a topper in the board exam, you should attend classes in school and college every day. It is necessary to do this because what the teacher teaches is easily understood, and is set in our mind. Which we read even after a long time, we keep in mind , so you should try to attend regular classes.

3.Preparation Of Notes

At present, there are many types of short notes, question banks etc. are available in the market, by reading which any student can bring 50% to 70% marks, but cannot become a topper. The biggest reason behind this is that most of the short notes or question banks do not have complete information.  They contain only important information and questions, so make your own notes for studying, because the language of the notes made by yourself is according to you, and you remember that topic for a long time.

4. Strong Basic Principles Of All Subjects

To become a topper, you should have a strong hold on the basic principles of all subjects.  To become a topper, it is necessary that you do not see any such question in the exam for which you have no idea about the answer. This is possible only when you have a strong hold on the basic principles.  In the board exam questions are asked every year by rotating over some important concepts, if you have a good understanding of the basic principles, then you will not feel any problem in such questions.

5.Practice & Revision

To become a topper, you should have good knowledge of time management. If you do not revise a chapter after reading it, then you will forget it after a few days, so whatever you have read, it is very important to revise it from time to time. Along with the preparation of any subject, it is necessary to apply their sample papers. You will be able to solve the entire paper in the exam only if you have done a good practice of applying the paper first. If you will not practice well before then no matter how much you studied you will not be able to solve the complete paper in the exam, so constant practice and revision is very important to top the exam.

6. Read the Concepts Well

While reading any chapter, till the concept is not clear, you should not proceed further, that is, do not read half-completely, do not understand, and do not remain in mere rote. Due to this, if the line of the question is changed in any way in the examination, then you will find it difficult to answer. The same if you have read with understanding, then you can answer well and it will be useful in future also. Most of the students have a habit that they do not study carefully.

7. Do Group Study

Group study is considered the best way to study. You do group study with your friends, by doing group study, new ideas will come in you, which helps you a lot in the examination. Group study is a very good option to get good marks, and at the same time it also refreshes the mind. Group study also reduces the pressure of exams, and something that you do not understand is easily explained to you by your friends.

8. Maintain Confidence in Exam Time

Many students start feeling restless just thinking about the exam, but such thoughts arise even after studying well, it is a sign of panic. Many students are not able to concentrate due to stress and many students are not able to read the questions properly, so maintain confidence. Be confident in what you have read. You know everything, go to give the paper with this thought.

9.Stay Away From Distracting Things

There are some things around us that distract us from our studies. Such objects should either be kept away from themselves or the mobile phone should be put on airplane mode. If you are studying online, then you should not only have Facebook Messenger app and Facebook and WhatsApp notifications should be turned off, as well as stay away from other distracting things.

10.Focus More On Weak Topics

If you want to become a topper, then you should come well in all the subjects. If you are a week in a subject, then give it more time or take its coaching. Most of the students are weak in maths, so pay special attention to maths.

Here we have told about how to become a topper in the board exam. If you have any kind of query related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, then you can ask through the comment box, we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

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