How To Get Good Marks in CBSE 10th Board Exam

How To Get  Good Marks in CBSE 10th Board Exam


Plan Your CBSE Class 10 Board Exam Preparation

If you’ve landed on this page, that means that you will be appearing for the CBSE 10th Board Exam in 2022. You might be wondering if you’ll score a good grade on the CBSE 10th Board Exam.

We’d like to say, “Yes, you can get good marks in your class 10 Board Exam, if you study NCERT textbook, & have patience”. This blog we’ll give you some great tips and strategies to help you earn high scores during CBSE Class 10 Board Exams and gain an advantage over the top minds in India!

How do I prepare for the CBSE Class 10 Board exam?

Make a Time Table

To improve the CBSE Class 10 subjects more organized You should adhere to the study schedule. You’ve got the NCERT basic textbook along with the NCERT solution you. However, first determine ‘What do you need to learn?’ and make a plan for how you will prepare for CBSE Class 10 Board Exam using NCERT textbooks and the NCERT solution.

When you are preparing your study schedule, my suggestion that you don’t be a slave to your classmates or the top ranking holder in your class. We are all unique and the same goes for our capabilities. Therefore, it is better to determine your strengths and weaknesses before you create the schedule that is based on your goals. This will surely help you during the course of your CBSE Class 10 every subject preparation to take the CBSE Class 10 Exam Board. Exam.
Make sure you begin with the NCERT textbook and and Class 10 Solutions from NCERT and set goals that are realistic that you believe you are able to achieve.

Focus on Concepts

You could be going to any coaching center or opt for to study at home, where the teacher requires you to follow an instructional method. Instead, we recommend you focus in understanding and understanding of the fundamentals’ within each of the subjects from your NCERT books to help you prepare in the CBSE Class 10 Exam. If you can grasp the concept you learned in your NCERT textbook, you’ll retain the concept for a long time. When you’re performing the test, if do not know the answer, you can refer to NCERT Solutions for the class of 10. However, if you’ve learned and aren’t able to comprehend the concepts fully in your NCERT textbook and NCERT solutions, you’ll be unable to answer any difficult problem related to this area.


Simply completing a chapter is not enough to pass an efficient CBSE Class 10-Board Exam. Complete the chapter-wise exercises. Review NCERT solution. The first step is to finish your NCERT textbook . Only after you have completed that, search to CBSE Class 10 sample exam questions.

Sort past year papers, and after you’ve completed the exams, take the time to analyze and review the answer paper correctly. Alongside your speed, it is important to verify your accuracy as you try out sample board exams. Examining many questions from the NCERT textbooks and examples of papers can not just help you become confident, but also aid you get acquainted to your CBSE Class 10 exam pattern.

Give Mock Tests

Previous year papers help students to understand the pattern of the exam, its scoring scheme and difficulty. Answer CBSE classes 10 Board exam questions and attempt test-taking as often as you can in order to increase your abilities.

Stay Positive

A solid preparation, along with Self-Belief can work wonders to help you prepare for you CBSE Class 10 preparation. What you learned this morning, be sure to review it prior to getting ready to go to the bed. Regular exercise and meditation can help to boost concentration.

Subjectwise CBSE Board Exam Tips

CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips: English

  • Apart from taking a look at the NCERT English textbook, build the habit of reading an English newspaper or magazines every day to improve your English proficiency since you will be asked questions using passages you haven’t seen on the exam.
  • • Learn to write formal correspondence, speeches and summaries as you’ll receive 10 marks for each question in this section
  • A great grammar textbook is required to understand the basic rules of grammar to make sure you don’t make any grammar errors that are embarrassing in an the exam.

CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips: Physics

  • * Reviseas much as you can, and then try to improve your grasp.
  • * Learn the formulas to master the basics of NCERT Physics textbook
  • * Go through for the important questions. Important questionsand plan according to the questions.

CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips: Chemistry

  • Balancing chemical reactions is component of the CBSE Chemistry Class 10 the syllabus of NCERT Chemistry in which the majority of students have trouble. Know the basics thoroughly from the NCERT Chemistry textbook. Use any other book for information further, though your primary goal should be to finish this NCERT text for Chemistry. Practice to the max to learn how to balance
  • It is a crucial item that you need to memorize. There will be a variety of kind of question from this section. There are related questions within your NCERT textbook on Chemistry
  • It is better to create an outline of the chemical reactions in which conversion is an element

CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips: Biology

  • Diagrams, theories and key definitions- pay attention to these segments
  • * Read past year’s papers Know the chapter weightage and plan accordingly

CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips: Math

  • * After you’ve completed the NCERT Math curriculum, you can begin by solving Math problems using the NCERT Math book and the previous year papers from Class 10 Board Exams.
  • * Make sure you follow the the NCERT syllabus Complete the NCERT Math Book and then check NCERT solutions to ensure clarity.
  • Create a notebook to record CBSE Class 10 math formulas Theorems, formulas, and quick tricks.
  • * Make sure you practice graphs since they are a topic that is scored and you should not make a mistake in this area.

CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips: Social Science

  • * Begin by answering the short and objective questions since they’re scoring however take less time to complete.
  • Note down important dates, events, locations as well as war information and go through it each day to keep it in mind.
  • Watch useful videos to get tips and techniques related to the globe.
  • * Break an answer into smaller pieces to help you remember and remember it in a short amount of time.

We hope that this blog article regarding CBSE Class 10 exam preparation will assist you with the preparation for your class 10 exam. In case you’ve got any comments or suggestions in connection with CBSE Class 10 Exam Preparation, feel free to join us on Instagram


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