how to make career after 12th

how to make career after 12th

how to make career after 12th

After finishing 12th class, most of the students face this problem, what to do next?, in which field to make a career?, which course is better for career?, students are taught the same subjects till class 10th . is | After passing class XII, students should think about further subjects according to their subject, so that you will find it easier to read.

If you are a student of arts, then you should do further studies according to arts or  if you are a student of commerce, then you have to choose subjects in college according to commerce, if you have taken science in 12th, then you should become engineering or doctor . For that the subject should be chosen accordingly. After passing the twelfth, you are giving detailed information related to selecting a correct option on this page.

what to do after science in 12th

1.B.Tech ( B.Tech)

After passing 12th from Science, want to become computer engineer, mechanical engineer, or civil engineer, then you can apply for B.Tech course, for this you have to give entrance exam, or you can also direct.

2.kpimti ( PMT)

If you are from Biology, and want to become a doctor, then for this you can apply for PMT i.e. Pre Medical Test and after passing the entrance exam, you can study doctor.

3.Bachelor of Science (B.SC )

If you want to do further studies in science, that is, you want to do graduation in science, then you can apply for Bachelor of Science (B.SC).

4.National Defense Service ( NDA)

If you want to do NDA after twelfth, then you can do this, you can apply in services like Navy, Army Forces, Air Force, this is a better option for you.

What to do after commerce in 12th

If you have taken commerce in the twelfth examination, commerce is a better option to make a career, you have many options to make a career in this field, after studying this subject, you can take courses like banking, accountants, CA or B.Com. can apply for

1.B.Com ( B.COM)

As per your wish, if you want to study commerce and study further, then you can apply for B.COM in any college, its course is of three years, after graduation you can apply for a bank or a good college. can work in company

2.Banking and Insurance ( BBI)

After studying commerce, you can apply for the Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance course, in which you are taught about banking and insurance, so that you can easily get a job in the bank.

3.Chartered Accountant ( CA)

You can become a CA by doing Chartered Accountant in Commerce, after doing this course you can improve your career, and can get a very good salary.

4.Bachelor of Business Administrator ( BBA)

If you are interested in business, and you want to do business, then this option is the best option for you.

 5.Bachelor of Management Studies ( BMS)

This option is much better after 12th, because after completing this course you can apply for jobs in big companies, and can make a good career.

what to do after arts in 12th

After passing 12th with Arts subject, there are many options available to you, through which you can make your career.

1. Bachelor of Arts ( BA)  

If you want to study further in Arts, then you can complete your graduation in BA ie Bachelor of Arts in college, after that you can do job in any good company.

2.Mass Communication and Journalist

After 12th, you can do Mass Communication or Journalist course, because it is a good option for a better job.

3.LLB ( Law)

After passing 12th, you can get admission in LLB course, after which you can become a lawyer.

4.Bachelor of Social Work ( BSW)

If you are interested in social work, then you can complete your graduation from this course.

5.Government Jobs

If you do not want to study further after 12th, and you want to do a government job, then after 12th you can prepare for SSC exam, through which you can get a government job.

how to make career after 12th

After passing 12th, such courses are available to you, with the help of which you can make your career better.

1.Tourism Course

If you like to travel from one place to another, then this course is best for you. After doing this course, you will get the opportunity to travel as well as earn money, this course is available in many educational institutions in the country, which you can easily do.

2.Engineering Diploma Courses

If you want to become an engineer, but are not getting admission in any college, then you can also do engineering diploma , you can earn good money in engineering field by doing polytechnic diploma.

3.Hotel Management

Hotel management course is a good option, and nowadays it is becoming very popular among the youth, after doing this course after 12th, you can get job in hotels in the country and abroad, and earn good money.

4. Animation and Multimedia

You can learn work by taking courses in animation and multimedia, with the help of which you can get lakhs of rupees. It is a better option from career point of view.

5.Other Courses

Apart from these courses, you can also do computer related courses like accounting course, interior designing, computer programming , gym instructor, food management etc., this is such a course, through this course you can make a good career. .

Here we have told you about making a career after 12th, if any kind of question is coming in your mind related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, then you can ask through the comment box, We look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

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